A woman with light skin and long blonde hair wearing a black sleeveless shirt while standing in front of a wooden wall with vines.
Hey there!

I'm Krista

I have a passion for creating immersive and purposeful experiences, in both the digital and physical planes. I’ve been a "Maker" my whole life!

More about me...

I’ve been designing innovative user experiences for the past five years, blending purpose and creativity to craft functional and beautiful end-to-end solutions. I rely on evidential data and usability testing to guarantee that the products I design align with real needs of actual users.
I've collaborated with a broad array of clients and stakeholders, from a small town cake baker, to the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, to innovation leaders at Google.

Before transitioning to product design, I spent years crafting websites and visual design for various diverse clients. Alongside web design, I also spent time in special events wardrobe design at Walt Disney World, honing in on my knack for problem-solving. I've developed the ability to captivate audiences and understand their goals, excelling at crafting magic under tight timelines - from concept to reality.

In addition to user needs, I have a unique perspective of business requirements and objectives, leveraging the expertise I’ve cultivated through managing my own successful business over the last decade-plus.

outside of design...

You’ll find me cooking and eating literally any form of cheese, practicing yoga, or hanging out with my husband, our son, and our three fur-covered roommates!

I currently live in the Dallas area, but I grew up in Nashville. I’m a diehard Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators fan, so you’ll *hopefully* find me a little hyped up during playoff seasons.


"It is with great enthusiasm that I provide this recommendation for Krista, a truly exceptional professional whose contributions to our workplace have been consistently impressive.

Krista possesses an outstanding skill set that sets her apart. Her ability to grasp complex systems and effortlessly untangle broken ones, transforming them into functional and actionable solutions, is nothing short of commendable. I have had the privilege of relying on her remarkable talent regularly.

Within SNHU, Krista's expertise in Figma is highly coveted. She not only spearheaded multiple design initiatives but also conducted workshops on the creation of design systems and libraries. Her collaborative work with our developers yielded development-ready files, establishing a gold standard for fellow designers. Despite her position in the middle of the organizational hierarchy, Krista consistently showcased senior-level skills, leaving no doubt that she was poised for a well-deserved promotion.

I am more than willing to act as a reference for Krista, as I have every confidence in her ability to excel as a creative and effective leader. Her impressive skill set and her knack for leading initiatives are indicative of her potential to guide and inspire others. Krista is an asset to any team or organization, and I wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation."

- Aneil Razvi, Director of Product Design at SNHU (September 2023)